Small Indoor Plants

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We have chosen our three favourite small indoor plants for our online customers. Our shop is full of plants but we think these are the best for gifts as they each offer a distinctly unique aesthetic.

The Monsteria in the middle is classic cool and super elegant. The Hanging Philodendron on the left is perfect for when you're after drape, and the Fern on the right is super fluffy and fun.

These plants have been tried and tested and we find these the hardiest of indoor plants. The best way to look after your plants is to leave them in their plastic pot inside a decorative pot and take them out of the decorative pot for watering once a week in Summer and every 2 weeks in Winter (unless your home is super warm from heating). Put them under the tap, shower or hose outside and soak them for a few minutes. Let them drain for a few hours and then return them to their decorative pot. Easy peasy! Once a year put a tablespoon of Osmocote on the surface of the soil to really feed them some much needed nutrients.


Availability of our indoor plants is dictated by the market and sometimes the season and we will do our best to have these items in stock at all times.

If for some reason, this is not possible and we don’t have your desired plant, we will contact you immediately to discuss options and come up with something suitable for your requirements.

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