JellyCat Soft Toy

JellyCat Soft Toy


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Perfect for the little people you know. These Jellycat Soft toys are the softest, most adorable stuffed toys around. Perfect for hugging, snuggling and generally dragging around, these wonderfully squidgy toys are ideal for birthdays, christenings or Christmas presents. Irresistible to kids of all ages (even the adult kind) these guys are a great addition to a baby shower or birth arrangement.

Bumbly Bear A sandy, dandy teddy, Bumbly Bear is a scrumptious fellow. Extra fluffy with an extra-long snout for vintage style, he's a classic bear with a modern twist. His large head, plump tummy and chunky feet make him just the chap for bedtime hugs. He’s quite simply a bear necessity! Suitable from birth.

Bashful Cottontail Bunny With long ears and silky soft fur, Bashful Cottontail Bunny will become a beloved friend and childhood companion for any playmate. Suitable from birth.

Bashful Dino This is one cute dinosaur! Soft, squishy and not in the least bit fierce, this cuddlysaurus has been brightening up the lives of children across the world for years. Suitable from birth.

Fuddlewuddle Lamb The closest thing to cuddling a cloud, Fuddlewuddle Lamb is so squeezably loveable. Bubbly and sweet, Fuddlewuddle has a gentle two-tone face and ears. She’s a little nervous with new people, but very friendly once she gets to know you – why not buddy up with our shy sheepish sheep! Suitable from birth.

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